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Here's what Kelly's advisers have to say about Jostens products and her services.


Nancy G. Brawley, Cocke County High School told us:

Chocolate, spa treatments, shopping and Kelly Testament--all stress relievers!!

As all yearbook advisors can attest, this job and the responsibilities can be very stressful. However, when Kelly comes walking in your room, the situation immediately seems manageable. She has been so helpful from everything to sales suggestions to page design to helping complete your index. Kelly responds immediately to questions and will visit upon request--sometimes even bringing a bag of chocolate! Josten's products and resources are excellent and Kelly is extremely knowledgeable about all areas of this crazy process. I simply couldn't imagine completing our yearbook without her.

Joyce Lewis, Unicoi County High School Yearbook Adviser told us:

I consider Kelly Testament a "God send" and a friend. Here's my story:

Last school year was the first time in the history of the Unicoi County yearbook, the Nolichucky, that it was given over to the Business Technology program for sponsorship. It has always been a part of the academic curriculum in which students could earn credit hours in Journalism, and the students are selected through an interview process by the sponsor. A typical class consists of 12 students. I was instructed approximately two weeks before the school year was to begin that I would be the "new" sponsor of the yearbook through my Interactive Multimedia class. Now I had sponsored the school newspaper, The Devils' Tale, in this class, which is usually an advanced class offered to students who have successfully completed the prerequisite courses like keyboarding, document formatting and layout and design. Well, of the 12 students that were selected by the previous sponsor to be in the IM class only three had taken my entry level keyboarding class and I would not have chosen them as candidates for this project. All but three of the twelve had been a part of the yearbook staff in previous years. Apparently once you are chosen to be on the staff you could remain as long as you chose to return. Needless to say the nine returning students felt they knew more about doing a yearbook than the "new" teacher they had to deal with. True, I had not worked with publishing a yearbook and the only thing I knew about Jostens was Danny Boring --he was the yearbook rep for a local elementary school that I worked at back in the mid-to-late 90's. He was great to work with back then and I felt confident that he would come through for me now. And he did --on the second or third time he stopped by to check on how things were going for me --he brought with him Kelly Testament. Her personality, attitude, warm smile, and quick wit brightened my day. I knew right off that she was a real asset for Jostens and I liked her. I am not sure to this day if it was by consequence that she was traveling with Danny or if he just knew all along that she was what I needed to keep my ship (yearbook) afloat! For example, with all the "opportunities" (I am trying to keep this positive --after all, it does have a happy ending) like my inexperience with yearbook online, the drama and attitude of a disgruntled staff --they wanted to do a yearbook like the previous year where it looked more like a photo album of pictures, no captions or feature stories, and the editing was atrocious, but everyone made an "A" for the course, I could not even get them to settle in on one theme for the book --there were lesson preps for three other classes and I was dealing with family medical issues after work. Without going on and on you begin to see why I felt as if I was on a ship with lots of leaks and we were going down fast. Here is where Kelly really comes to the rescue. She was quick to offer encouragement and support. She stressed that with a fall delivery date I still had time to make deadline and things would turn around. She gave me some detailed lessons on how to use Jostens Yearbook Avenue, suggestions and references for classroom assignments, and on many occasions she would come aboard during class time and work with the students in areas they were struggling with. As she helped us stop some of the leaks, attitudes changed for the better, we settled down, charted a new course, and came ashore before our last deadline. Now it was not all smooth sailing, we did have to throw over one crew member, and we probably do not have an award winning book this year, but there are marked differences for the better and the crew that stayed in for the long haul is proud of how far they came on the journey.


Only three of my staff has been invited back for the trip next school year. Two of them traveled with me in June to Austin Peay for the yearbook camp Jostens sponsored. It was fabulous! Kelly was there too. The lectures, workshops and presentations were fantastic. We came home with our cover, ladder, theme, layouts, fonts, colors, and much more already in place for next year. I strongly recommend this camp to anybody that works on a school yearbook. I plan on going back next summer and hopefully taking more of my staff with me. We have preschool meetings on our calendar to share information with the new staff members. Everyone is excited and anxious to get working. Although it sounds as if sailing is going to be much smoother this year, I still want to keep Kelly Testament on board as part of my team as we embark on our next journey.